Love is... A couple, A Camera, Me and a Light.

Unposed, Love.

This is where we like to push the boundaries of photography, and begin to mix other types of mediums into our work to turn the normal portrait into something out of this world

Many of our images require prop making, fashion designs and quite frankly bonkers clothing, jewellery or even fascinators. We like to work on these ourselves and will often keep within tight budgets to allow exploration of ideas and materials, as well as challenge our own ability to work with what we can find and upcycle. Of course sometimes we like to capture life as it is.

We made ourselves a dress from an old children's parachute, took some pictures and really enjoyed so we did it again... and several years later were still enjoying it. 

the parachute is old, the material doesn't have much life left, but we keep challenging ourselves to do something new with it. 

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