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Thinking about why and the future...

August 25, 2016

Thinking last night about getting work seen and responses, getting paid as a photographer and earning a living from it.


1. When I started photography i used to love going out taking pics and maybe sharing some, with Facebook and at the time Flickr there became a larger element of sharing and the hunt for feedback and "likes". Over time the game of being seen, posting here, Instagram, 500px Twitter etc has sometimes lost its value, and with it a almost sense of trying to take pics that get likes, as if The response are a guide to whats good, or correct.


2. Competitions soon started in club along side this, getting an image in the top 6 was a real wow, again acceptance of the work from peers feels at times like a guide to what's good and a goal as to why. Several wins really supported this for a while and thinking about what would work well in comp changed the final output of what i created and how (remember those rules of photography?)


3. Of course none of at is bad, but lately i have felt disheartened like my output isnt very good, and of course look to places like FB for some support of that claim, zero response to an image, yeap that was poor, my work is crap, i should quit.... (Familiar story)


4. As Sleepy Robot is a Hobby its easy to mistake the two things.. You have to make it pay, you cant keep buying gear, your good you should shoot weddings, portraits, sell, sell, sell. Of course that has some appeal.. Some


So.. Why the long divulge into my thoughts. Because its easy to lose sight, its easy to get carried away in the rat run and forget some simple things. We started photography as hobbies, chasing sunsets and bugs, we love gear, creating and being busy. Shooting weddings or running a business with clients needs is not on that list of loves, its not the driving force, its not all bad either, but its not why were here. nor are competitions benchmarks of success, comparing apples and oranges in a Creative felid cant judge the value of your work to you, its cant distinguish the value of the output on a level other than some simple rules and subjective opinion. So this is why i have to remind myself why we shoot, what we love and what value that holds to us. Nothing else is bad, but its not what we started. Nor is this about photography, a field of the arts I came to love, but also have become realise is just a tool like my paintbrush and alone it isnt enough. the final product isn't as important as the process "the doing" and that time we spend together painting or glueing paper dresses IS what we love and IS what matters, in a world of consumerism and outputs i have come to realise that the creative input has no price and no value that can be effectively measured and sold or 'liked' on Facebook, Instagram etc because it belongs to us in that moment, and thats enough.


(updated) i originally said 'bored of' in relation to my love for photography and this perhaps doesn't explain fully that taking pics alone isn't the joy, its a tool. therefore 'become realise is just a tool like my paintbrush and alone it isn't enough'

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