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Camera Envy.

April 12, 2017

Over the last couple of years my poor Nikon d7000 has been sat in the draw collecting dust, after all the excitement of buying it. This is where I have to point out that there is nothing wrong with her and never has been. When I first got the d7000 she impressed me, she was sharp and blended well with the lenses I had. The only flaw in her was focusing had to be adjusted for all lenses which nikon sorted out, and wasnt a problem thereafter. She created stunning images, and I could say the quality was good for making composites with, So why did she sit in the draw? Well during this moment of having a new shiny camera Steve decided that he needed a new toy too. He had the nikon d300 it was time to make that leap to full frame and a Nikon d700 was bought.

The personal advantages of going full frame was the pixel quality. Even though I loved my d7000 the depth of the pixels, the quality of them was greater on the d700 when it came to composting. And yes d700 is an older camera with less pixels, but that does not make it any less superior. I'm also not going to shoot birds or wildlife often to have the advantages of a crop sensor. So after a few months of both camera bodies being sat in the draw I started to only pick up the d700.

So where does that leave me now. After a long time testing cameras and editing files from a range of nikon bodies, I found a sensor that I adored. Yes you heard me a sensor not a camera. The d600 Full fame sensor with an incredible depth and quality with the pixels. A lot of you may scream no or why? She has flaws like focus points are close together, she's has a consumer body that isn't as comfortable as other dslrs and she has the infomous dirt flicking shutter. But do these affect me when I'm shooting for composting, no. I have a beautiful fujifilm system to have when I need something light and something less studio/composite based. This makes the d600 with its beautiful sensor for not much money perfect for someone like me who is more of an editor than a photographer. 


Sleepy Robot has a new addition to the family, and its lovely



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